Swiss Garage Bundnerbike's Extreme Harley-Davidson Street Bob Custom
Swiss Garage Bundnerbike's Extreme Harley-Davidson Street Bob Custom
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Since the mid-2000s, Harley-Davidson's Street Bob model has held its ground as one of the most affordable and dependable options in the world of cruiser motorcycles. Known as the "gritty, stripped-down bobber cloaked in black," this American-made bike has captured the hearts of riders globally.

However, many enthusiasts have felt that the stock Street Bob could use a little more flair in the visual department. As a result, we've witnessed a steady stream of custom-built machines based on the Street Bob model gaining attention.

Most of these Street Bob-based creations typically involve a structured overhaul, where existing elements of the original bike are amplified and enhanced through various means. However, there's one exceptional exception to this trend, and it's the brainchild of the Swiss garage, Bundnerbike.

Bundnerbike has taken the concept of customization to the extreme with their modified Street Bob, rendering it nearly unrecognizable as its original self. It represents one of the most radical interpretations of the bobber style, not only by shedding unnecessary elements but also by introducing remarkable styling to the remaining components.

From a side view, the bike showcases a frame that plunges dramatically toward the rear, creating a sharp diagonal line that entirely transforms the two-wheeler's appearance. This frame securely cradles the stock engine and sports a pair of KessTech exhaust pipes.

The factory-built frame's inclination becomes apparent through the removal of the stock rear fender, which is replaced with a much more understated alternative.

The centerpiece of this custom build is undoubtedly the seat, replacing the Street Bob's original design. This new seat appears to float and is attached to a specially crafted bracket extending from the fuel tank. It boasts an intricate quilting pattern, a rare sight on a motorcycle seat.

The minimalist look of the bike is accentuated by wire wheels of undisclosed size (clearly smaller than the original ones), and these are wrapped in substantial rubber, evoking a vintage aesthetic. The addition of whitewall tires would further enhance this classic look.

In addition to the overall concept, Bundnerbike has contributed several elements from its inventory, including a striking fuel tank with a keyless cap, gas and clutch controls, and an adjustable spring and twin-tube shock absorber suspension system.

The Harley-Davidson Street Bob Bobber is one of Bundnerbike's latest creations, though one critical piece of information is missing: the price. For reference, Harley-Davidson offers a new Street Bob starting at $16,599.

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