Ducati S2R Transformed: VooDoo Garage's Masterpiece
Ducati S2R Transformed: VooDoo Garage's Masterpiece
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Starting a custom motorcycle workshop that can truly provide a long-term income for its employees is a dream for many but a reality for only a few. The pivotal moment in the journey of those who become success stories in the industry often involves transitioning from a home garage to a purpose-built facility. This shift marks the transition to a full-time business operation, complete with overhead costs like rent, power, machinery, insurance, and wages to pay. To succeed in this venture, you need the right people on your team, and Spain's VooDoo Garage had the perfect recipe right from the start. With four skilled individuals covering every aspect of the custom motorcycle craft, they have produced some remarkable builds. Their latest masterpiece is a 2006 Ducati Monster S2R, painstakingly crafted in their unique handmade style.

The VooDoo Garage team, hailing from Grenada, embarked on their journey in 2014, starting in the garage of Daniel Ruiz. With decades of experience as both a mechanic and a fabricator, Daniel laid the foundation. Victor Ortiz, a mechanic with expertise in electrical work and engine tuning, played a crucial role in the overall design of each bike. Joining them were Elvis Sanchez, a specialist in classic motorcycles and restoration, as well as a spray paint perfectionist, and Luis Bueno, skilled in crafting components from plastic. With such a talented team working under one roof, they've developed a style that gives each of their creations a truly "built" rather than "bolted-on" feel.

Having tackled a variety of popular donor makes and models, one brand that had eluded them was Ducati. So, when a client rolled in with a high-spec air-cooled Monster, the S2R, excitement filled the air. The design would embrace VooDoo's distinctive style, but it also had to retain the core components due to the owner's sentimental attachment to the machine. To kick off the transformation, various original S2R parts, including the tank, seat unit, twin-muffler exhaust, bikini fairing, and more, were set aside for the owner's keeping.

With these components cleared, the VooDoo Garage team got to work, setting a clear vision from the beginning. "From the beginning, the idea was quite clear, we love the retro-futuristic style on our bikes." The first step was to create bodywork that aligned with this vision and distinguished the bike from the typical Monster appearance. The fuel tank played a pivotal role, with its Imola-inspired design borrowed from the SportClassic range's Paul Smart edition, released in the same year as the S2R. Its ingenious use extended beyond a radical visual transformation; it also bolted over the distinctive trellis frame, a feat that few other fuel tanks could achieve.

To enhance the retro appeal, the tank underwent a Monza filler conversion, and a leather insert adorned it with a half strap running down the front. With the tank in place, a matching tail section followed, meticulously designed to seamlessly fit over the frame, blend with the tank, maintain precise panel gaps, and create a solid perpendicular line. The rear section maintained the Imola-inspired look with integrated race plates adding the necessary bulk.

The rest of the bodywork retained simplicity, with a custom front guard hovering over the front tire, supported by handmade mounts. At the rear, a swingarm-matching tubular number plate holder was fabricated, reminiscent of the Diavel's design. Now, it was Luis's turn to work his magic with the spray gun. The trellis frame, single-sided swingarm, and wheels were finished in glossy black, laying the foundation for the two-tone bodywork, combining metallic silver with striking three-color green-to-blue graphics. The inclusion of old-school Ducati logos was the perfect finishing touch.

The accessories also featured numerous custom parts created by VooDoo Garage, including machined and brushed alloy peg mounts inspired by the original components, but now allowing for fully adjustable race-style rearsets. The clip-on bars were equipped with Accossato custom levers to operate the dual master cylinders, and custom machined switch blocks maintained the minimalist aesthetic.





The finished product is nothing short of breathtaking. Underneath it all, the S2R remains the client's beloved motorcycle, now transformed by VooDoo Garage into a work of art that will turn heads for decades to come.

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