Black Fury: A Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Transformation by XTR Pepo
Black Fury: A Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Transformation by XTR Pepo
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In just the past few years, the legendary Madrid-based motorcycle builder, Pepo Rosell, has masterfully crafted approximately 50 completely unique custom motorcycles. This remarkable achievement not only reflects the soaring demand for his bikes but also underscores the artistry he has brought to the world of motorcycle customization. These aren't mere off-the-shelf modifications; Pepo creates full custom bikes, and remarkably, he does it with remarkable speed. Recently, he undertook the challenge of transforming two Royal Enfield 650s, resulting in two entirely distinctive creations. The most recent build, named 'Black Fury,' abandons any notion of ordinary street bike aesthetics and appears poised to conquer the FIM World Endurance title.

While the RE's 650cc engine may not match the ferocity of a 220bhp superbike, 'Black Fury' could be a formidable contender if the FIM ever introduced a Super Twin category, akin to other governing bodies. This latest creation stands apart from Pepo's previous Royal Enfield project, 'Lilith,' which we featured in September. 'Lilith' was more street-oriented, whereas 'Black Fury' was born to emulate a race replica for the ages.

To start the transformation, the double-cradle frame was stripped down to its core, with everything from the central posts to the rear removed. The metal surrounding the swingarm pivot was sealed and reinforced, and extra metal was added to the rear motor mount. Pepo then constructed an entirely new subframe, featuring shorter bottom posts positioned higher on the mainframe for a more compact appearance. The new metalwork at the rear received the same treatment, culminating in a striking silver finish.

The stock and conventional swingarm was replaced with a custom XTR-built component. Drawing inspiration from the rear arms of a Ducati Pantah piece, this reinforced cradle design not only adds strength and lowers the center of gravity but also imbues the machine with a more pronounced race-bike character. Every modification made thus far distinguishes 'Black Fury' from 'Lilith,' and the suspension and braking systems push the envelope even further. In a departure from the norm, Italy's Style and Performance manufactured exquisite CNC'd triple clamps, securing a set of Ohlins forks.

In tandem with the new shock mounts, adjustable Ohlins rear shocks equipped with progressive rate springs ensure superior rear tire traction. The braking system is equally impressive, retaining the ABS system while incorporating Red FREN TUBO Kevlar lines throughout. Up front, the bike boasts substantial Brembo twin discs clamped by radial-mounted calipers from the renowned Italian manufacturer. In the rear, a single Brembo caliper is affixed, anchored by a custom control arm and top mount, designed to grip the perforated disc. To amplify stopping power, a pair of Brembo master cylinders, with the front one sourced from a Ducati 1098, is used.




To boost the twin-cylinder engine's performance, Pepo delved into its internals, installing high compression pistons and a larger cam from S&S. A distinctive set of Wolfman 2-into-1 headers emit a thrilling roar from the specially designed XTR muffler by SPARK. DNA air filters enhance airflow, and a Power Commander has been piggybacked onto the ECU and tuned for peak power. Despite its track-ready appearance, 'Black Fury' incorporates various components from Highside, Koso, and Louis to ensure its street legality. With 'Black Fury' now revving to life, it stands ready to conquer all challenges, once again showcasing Pepo's remarkable talent in crafting a genuine road-worthy race bike.

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