The True Beast: Custom Ducati M900 by Moto Adonis for 2022
The True Beast: Custom Ducati M900 by Moto Adonis for 2022
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As the Christmas decorations have been packed away and the well-deserved holiday break of 2021 comes to a close, it's time to welcome the new year with a promise of showcasing the finest custom motorcycles from around the world. To kick off 2022 on the right note, we reached out to our longtime friends at Moto Adonis to see what they've been working on during the holidays. As expected, they didn't disappoint, and they embarked on a unique custom project with a Ducati Monster as the centerpiece, exuding the timeless charm of Italian design.

It's worth noting that perhaps terms like "oozing" and "sex appeal" shouldn't be used in the same sentence – we might be a bit rusty after the break. Unfortunately, the client had also suffered a similar fate, encountering a builder who didn't quite live up to expectations. After a considerable investment, the Monster was far from impressive. That's when the owner turned to the talented team at Moto Adonis. "Finding builders who share my vision and can deliver the level of quality I desire wasn't easy," the client mentioned.

In addition to addressing mechanical issues, there was also a need for significant work on the tail section and an aluminum tank. The client had been dissatisfied with the previous work, which led to Moto Adonis being entrusted with elevating the bike to the next level. According to Arthur Renkema from Moto Adonis, "We had to find a way to get things back on track and lift the owner's spirits. So, we started by focusing on the aesthetics and created a Monster with handcrafted, old-school bodywork that seamlessly integrates with the factory subframe, given the continuous trellis frame."

The next challenge was the tank, a crucial component that can make or break the entire build, especially on a bike like this. Dealing with the trellis frame's absence of a simple backbone and the need to accommodate intakes and electrics was no easy task. However, Moto Adonis, with their extensive design experience, successfully overcame these hurdles. The final result is a bike with strong, broad shoulders and clean lines that enhance its overall appearance. To add a touch of style, a custom alloy front cowl was crafted, and a new fender was hand-formed.

This custom front end incorporates fully adjustable Ohlins front forks, with low-mounted bars on the risers to provide the owner with exceptional control and the precise riding position he desired. To further improve the bike's front-end performance, a substantial Brembo radial brake package was integrated, featuring dinner plate-sized floating discs to ensure impressive stopping power.

With these modifications in place, the air-cooled L-Twin engine could finally receive the attention it deserved. It underwent both internal and external transformations. The internals were in excellent condition, with overbored sleeves to accommodate larger pistons and modified intakes for enhanced performance. The exhaust system is a work of art, with a two-into-two design that complements the bike's lines before exiting through a set of period-correct GP mufflers.




Every small detail, including the exposed dry clutch, vented cases, visible belts, and mag covers, highlights the beauty of the renowned Bologna engine. To ensure seamless operation, a new wiring loom was built, along with the addition of an aluminum battery tray and an electronics panel under the tank. A full MotoGadget system was installed, featuring the MotoGadget m.unit, Motogadget Motoscope, mo.blaze turn signals, small Motone handlebar switches, and a new head and taillight. All these components come together seamlessly to give the best-selling Ducati model a unique look and the performance to match. Most importantly, the owner couldn't be happier with the result.

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