Custom Transformation of a Triumph 675 Daytona by Spirit Of The Seventies
Custom Transformation of a Triumph 675 Daytona by Spirit Of The Seventies
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Kev Taggart and Tim Rogers, the proprietors of Spirit Of The Seventies, a renowned English workshop, have earned a reputation for their exceptional resto-mods inspired by iconic Japanese classics such as the Kawasaki Z750 and the Yamaha XS650.

However, their most recent project signals a captivating departure from their usual path. Kev Taggart explains, "Our client presented us with a captivating Triumph 675 Daytona, which had been meticulously prepped for the racetrack. It boasted Öhlins suspension, rear-sets, and a potent 130bhp engine tuned by T3 Racing."

Yet, the owner encountered a dilemma. With marriage on the horizon, his future spouse insisted he adopt a more leisurely pace and adhere to conventional road rules. Rather than parting ways with his cherished Triumph, he entrusted it to Spirit Of The Seventies for a comprehensive transformation.

"In our nostalgic spirit, we set out to revamp the bike, combining elements of Retro-GP and modern Moto2 aesthetics," Kev Taggart shares. The design of the fairing and seat was conceived in-house and meticulously crafted by Ian Pitney, a skilled vintage car panel beater. This marked Ian's maiden foray into the world of motorcycle customization, and Kev was thoroughly satisfied with the outcome. "Ian surmounted numerous challenges, fashioning something truly striking by hand-cutting side vents and molding aluminum panels to fit the frame and engine."

Given the modifications, the original 675 Daytona's central air-intake necessitated a rethinking. A slotted, circular funnel was ingeniously shaped around the new headlight. Subsequently, Skidmarx took on the task of designing and fitting a one-of-a-kind windscreen. A leather seat pad was meticulously carved and sewn by Glen Moger, while D-Luck's Paintshop in Brighton applied a matte finish to the bodywork.

The Triumph underwent a thorough rewiring process and was equipped with a keyless ignition system from Motogadget. Co-Built expertly fashioned a low-level 3-into-1 stainless steel exhaust system, using headers originally intended for a British Supersport series racer.

A range of additional enhancements, including Oberon bar-end indicators, were integrated, and the bike underwent servicing and dyno testing. Furthermore, the once super-stiff suspension was adjusted to suit road use. The end result is a remarkable road bike that seamlessly blends classic aesthetics with cutting-edge performance.

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