Yamaha Virago 250 Cafe Racer Transformation
Yamaha Virago 250 Cafe Racer Transformation
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Among our cherished builders, there are those whose journey starts on the racetrack, and Matt Fuller from Land O' Lakes, Florida, is one such individual. With a background in supermoto and flat-track racing, Matt brought a determined vision to his project - a 1997 Yamaha XV250 Virago. This iconic bike is renowned for its role in rider safety courses.

Matt's affinity for motorcycles traces back to his earliest memories, when, at the tender age of 5, he hopped on a Yamaha Y-Zinger 50 borrowed by his father. That weekend marked the inception of his lifelong love for motorcycles. His curiosity led him to tinker and dismantle various components to understand their inner workings. It wasn't long before he realized the necessity of maintaining his motorcycle to continue enjoying the thrill of riding.

In 2008, he transitioned from weekend rides to daily street riding, making his bike his primary means of transportation. Unfortunately, a serious accident resulting in a broken leg forced him to put a pause on daily riding. However, he channeled his passion into racing, focusing on supermoto in the southeastern United States. Today, he actively participates in flat track races and occasionally dabbles in hare scrambles to stay in prime racing condition.

His enthusiasm for painting, powder coating, and fabricating custom race bikes became so profound that he decided to venture into building custom bikes for the sheer joy of it. Whether it's a profession or a pastime, his love for motorcycles remains unwavering.

The foundation of this project was a 1997 Yamaha XV250 Virago, a motorcycle adored by novice riders in safety training programs worldwide. Matt's modifications included shortening the wheelbase by 4 inches and adjusting the rake to 24.5 degrees. He custom-built the subframe and swingarm, as well as fashioning a distinctive exhaust system.

One standout feature is the mesmerizing sound produced by the bike, which breathes through a downdraft carburetor equipped with a factory velocity stack and an intricately designed air intake plenum. The engine incorporates not-so-ordinary factory camshafts and two high-compression cylinders. The culmination of this engineering marvel is the symphony of exhaust gases being expelled through equal-length stainless steel head pipes, culminating in underseat tailpipes.


To enhance the bike's aesthetic appeal, a retro Yamaha vibe was achieved through distinctive paintwork, complemented by 18-inch aluminum motocross wheels. Achieving the perfect riding posture, Matt incorporated aluminum rear sets sourced from a road racing bike on one end, and simple flat handlebars on the other.

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