Custom Triumph Bobber Transformation by PBM
Custom Triumph Bobber Transformation by PBM
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In the world of automotive modifications, two trends reign supreme – upgrading your car's rims and enhancing your motorcycle's exhaust system. Manufacturers have long caught on to this craze, offering factory-made alloy wheels for almost any car and the option to equip even a learner-legal motorcycle with an Akrapovic exhaust. While these modifications are commonplace in the car world, motorcyclists often refrain from altering their wheels, except for those who opt for extreme transformations.


However, for one motorcycle enthusiast with a 2022 Triumph Bobber, a craving for a wide-tire ride proved irresistible. This led them to choose Queensland's Purpose Built Moto (PBM) to take on the challenge of turning their mild-mannered Triumph into a striking, wide-wheeled beast.


Starting with a new motorcycle offers numerous advantages to both the customizer and the client. It eliminates the need for repairing existing issues, allowing the entire budget to be invested in the specific changes desired by the client. Tom Gilroy at PBM possesses an innate ability to tap into these desires. According to Tom, "The project's brief was straightforward: our client, Doug, had been a longtime fan of the shop and trusted our styling. He wanted a wide-wheeled bobber with a simple design, custom paint, some Purpose Built Moto parts, and a handcrafted exhaust. The rest was left to us."


Tom was quick to acknowledge the influence of the UK's Thornton Hundred in popularizing the big-wheel look for the Bobber. Builders like Jody and his team at Thornton Hundred, as well as numerous others on both sides of the Atlantic, have pushed the limits of how much rubber can be fitted under a single machine. The key to success, however, lies in achieving the right balance when aiming for not just aesthetics but also a bike that can be ridden with vigor.


After careful calculation, Tom selected a 160 x 17" front wheel and a robust 180 x 17" rear wheel, turning to Canyon Motorcycles in the US to source the components. Tom said, "Known for crafting custom wheels to fit a variety of Triumph or Harley Davidson models, they were the obvious choice. We contacted them, and fortunately, their first production run of wide triple clamps for the Bobber had just been completed. We determined our wheel sizes, and before long, we had all the necessary components." The choice of Pirelli Angel GT tires was spot on, as they not only look great but also offer exceptional all-weather performance and excellent cornering capabilities.


It was evident that the factory fenders would no longer fit, but one of the advantages of working with PBM is their ability to custom-make any required part. Tom began by reshaping the rear fender, which initially appeared to be a good fit but required substantial rolling, trimming, and shaping. Instead of opting for traditional strut mounts, a striking support made of 8mm steel plate was used to allow the fender to gracefully float over the wide tire. Tom stated, "The front fender needed to be fabricated from scratch, so once again, I hand-shaped the sheet metal to match the tire profile and created an elegant, slightly ornate front fender bracket to complement the rear's style."


With the bodywork perfected, Nathan from Livin Loco Garage took charge of the painting. Doug had requested a deep metallic green, and together, Tom and Nathan devised a striking color scheme and graphics package. The primary color used was a green/teal candy, with matte black serving as an accent color and on the graphics, and silver used to tie the two colors together. Even the stock headlight and side covers received the same treatment, resulting in a custom yet tasteful appearance.


The 1200cc parallel-twin engine proved to be the ideal powerplant for this bobber, given its timeless aesthetics that harken back to classic Triumphs and Yamaha XS650 models. What enhances this engine further is the 270º crank, which not only delivers increased torque but also reduces vibrations and produces a distinctive, lumpy exhaust note akin to a 90° V-Twin with the same firing order. To maximize horsepower and create the perfect sound, fabricator Dylan designed a 2-into-2 exhaust system that made use of the original catalytic converter cavity. The exhaust pipes increase to 2" as they exit the ports, merging on the same side with internal mufflers and elegantly flared ends.



The end result is a true street rod that combines toughness with understated elegance and boasts a set of impressive wide wheels. Doug is undeniably thrilled with the transformation, and Purpose Built Moto has yet again showcased their mastery by successfully building a wide-wheeled masterpiece that retains excellent riding dynamics.

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