The Transformed KTM 950 SM by Smoked Garage
The Transformed KTM 950 SM by Smoked Garage
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For those seeking unabashed, high-spirited motorcycle adventures, the supermoto is the choice. And for those who crave an adrenaline rush turned up to eleven, there's nothing quite like a 942cc supermoto that thrives on devouring corners and has an aversion to keeping its front wheel planted firmly on the ground.

With horsepower and torque both hovering in the nineties, a dry weight of 421 pounds, and premium WP suspension on both ends, the KTM 950 Supermoto promises an exhilarating ride. However, its angular aesthetics, characteristic of older large-displacement KTMs, don't suit everyone's taste.


Enter the team at Smoked Garage, located in Badung, Bali, who are less than enthusiastic about the bike's angular appearance. When their customer, Dominique, brought in a 2006 KTM 950 SM and asked for their ideas, the team didn't hold back.

"At first, we were taken aback," recalls Nicko Eigert from Smoked Garage. "It looked quite unattractive, and we even considered selling it off and getting ourselves a BMW R nineT instead."


Dominique was initially in agreement, but after a test ride, they quickly changed their minds. "We had a ride on it, and BOY, did it go fast!"

The Smoked Garage crew decided to embrace the challenge. "Once we stripped off all the enduro components, it actually revealed a rather attractive motorcycle. We realized that this bike, despite its unattractive exterior, has a beautiful core."


Nicko then enlisted the services of Sylvain Berneron, known as Holographic Hammer, to craft a design that could complement the KTM chassis. "He possesses that retro touch we were seeking," Nicko explains, "and we've had successful collaborations with him in the past."

"In just two weeks, we had our design concept. When we saw it, it was love at first sight—everything was perfect, from the design to the color scheme. With no time to waste, we began disassembling the bike."


Sylvain's design necessitated entirely new bodywork, prompting Smoked Garage to fashion a new tank, seat, side panels, and fenders. Crafting the tank proved to be the most challenging aspect due to the wiring concealed under the stock unit and the need to hold enough fuel for the thirsty V-twin. Nicko considers it the best tank they've ever created, and it holds more fuel than the original one.

To give the KTM 950 a more robust appearance, Smoked Garage lowered the front by shifting the forks approximately 2¾ inches through the clamps. This required some adjustments to the top triple clamp since the fork legs were wider lower down. They also designed a new set of handlebar risers to ensure the handlebars cleared the fork tubes.


Although this approach was the simplest way to lower the front end, it lacked elegance. Nicko elaborates, "After a few hours in the workshop—and probably consuming six packs of Marlboro—we decided to craft a custom speedometer bracket."

"This bracket clamps onto the shock, seamlessly integrating with the bike and concealing the excess front fork tubes."


Smoked Garage replaced the stock 17" mag wheels with custom 18" rims. These were laced to hubs of their own design, with Dunlop dirt track tires completing the package. These tires, being slimmer than the originals, enhanced the KTM's classic aesthetics.

Several other new components were integrated into the design, including a Harley-Davidson Daymaker™ LED projector lamp, mounted on custom brackets, and an LED tail light with integrated turn signals from Cognito Moto. Motogadget supplied the speedometer, grips, mirrors, front turn signals, and keyless ignition.


The handlebars were upgraded to Pro Tapers, the gas cap was replaced with one from Joker Machine, and a custom-made bash plate was added. The exhaust cans were sourced from the Italian manufacturer MIVV; coincidentally, they were old stock that perfectly matched Smoked Garage's desired style and length.

Initially, Nicko estimated the project would take four to five months, but as the team's passion grew, what was once a discarded bike transformed into a labor of love. Ultimately, it took nine months to complete the project.


The KTM 950 SM now exudes a tasteful allure that was absent in its original form. Yet, it remains a superb choice for enthusiasts who crave thrilling rides every day.

"As you stand up on this bike, riding down challenging dirt roads, you can easily hit 120 without breaking a sweat," Nicko proclaims. "And if you dare to twist the throttle, it will eagerly spin the wheels, plastering a big grin on your face every time!"

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