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Limited Edition: Ducati's 2024 Panigale V4 SP2 30th Anniversary 916 - Only 500 Units Available
Limited Edition: Ducati's 2024 Panigale V4 SP2 30th Anniversary 916 - Only 500 Units Available
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Introducing the Panigale V4 SP2 30th Anniversary 916, Ducati's heartfelt tribute to a legendary bike that marked a significant chapter in the company's history.


This exceptional motorcycle pays homage to the iconic 916 with its distinctive characteristics: the concentrated mass at the front, the graceful top view, and key elements like the headlight, "nose," air intakes, fairing's distinctive V-shape, sculptural diamond-shaped fuel tank, nimble tail, and single-sided swingarm.


The Panigale Anniversary edition showcases a stunning livery designed by Centro Stile Ducati, inspired by one of the most captivating racing graphics in Ducati's sporting legacy—the same design that propelled Carl Fogarty to victory in the Superbike World Championship in 1999. This modernized tribute includes the iconic tricolor on the fairing, white numberplates, and the number 1, all while incorporating the black elements reminiscent of the 916's air ducts.


The lower black tank serves as a powerful nod to the world of racing, adorned with the laurel logo in the same radiant gold hue as the 916. The fairing's logo, which was originally silver with a gold outline on the first 916, has been reimagined with a captivating 3D effect.


The Panigale V4 SP2 30th Anniversary 916 is a limited-edition masterpiece, with only 500 units available. Just like its racing predecessor, it comes exclusively in a single-seater configuration and boasts a billet aluminum steering plate featuring laser-engraved model details and a unique progressive number. Furthermore, each bike is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a dedicated bike cover.


This exceptional motorcycle combines SP2 specifications with a range of exquisite details, elevating its uniqueness. Notable features include a racing fuel tank cap machined from billet aluminum, air ducts for front brake cooling, an exhaust heat shield, wings with a double-profile design, and a carbon fiber front mudguard.


The lightweight five-spoke carbon fiber wheels, weighing 1.4 kg less than the V4 S's forged Marchesini wheels and 3.4 kg less than the standard Panigale V4 wheels, significantly reduce the bike's inertial moment. This results in enhanced agility, reduced rider fatigue, and improved precision during acceleration—making it perfect for spirited riding.


The Panigale V4 SP2 30th Anniversary 916 boasts a top-tier braking system, featuring Brembo Stylema R calipers and cooling ducts that deliver exceptional braking performance with consistent lever feel, even during extended track sessions. The Brembo MCS master cylinder with a remote adjuster allows for effortless customization of brake feel and lever distance while on the go.






Enhancing the riding experience, the STM EVO dry clutch provides smoother operation during closed-throttle situations, such as corner entry, and allows riders to fine-tune mechanical engine braking by adjusting the secondary spring. On the track, enthusiasts can revel in the classic sound that characterizes Ducati racing bikes with the clutch cover open.

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