The Yamaha V80 Custom Cub: A Unique Beach Cruiser Transformation
The Yamaha V80 Custom Cub: A Unique Beach Cruiser Transformation
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Ryan Tigley, a passionate custom motorcycle enthusiast and builder associated with Gulf Oil International Singapore, has taken the ordinary Yamaha V80 hardtail and transformed it into a one-of-a-kind beach cruiser custom cub.


Ryan's previous projects, including the Kawasaki KE 100 Scrambler and the unforgettable motorized Schwinn classic bike turned custom board-track racer, have garnered attention. His latest masterpiece, the V80 hardtail beach cruiser custom cub, continues to showcase his innovative spirit.


"This project aims to breathe new life into the most common types of motorcycles found in our country. We've taken an old two-stroke underbone cub and customized it into a hardtail beach cruiser. This bike is meant for leisurely rides, allowing riders to savor every moment. When people think of retro-style bikes, they usually picture Café Racers, Scramblers, Choppers, and Trackers. However, we wanted to demonstrate that even the humble cub motorcycle can be the canvas for a customizable retro-style project," Ryan explained.


Ryan sourced the V80 cub from Renato Ouano, a dedicated scooter and underbone collector known in Yamaha V50 and Honda cub FB groups. For this endeavor, Ryan joined forces with Moses Babiera of Garahe Ni Moymoy, a low-profile custom bike builder specializing in scooter modifications. Moses has been crafting custom-retro cubs for several years and has produced a plethora of stunning projects.


The journey began with Ryan's vision sketched on paper and discussions with Moses Babiera. From there, it was a meticulous step-by-step process, constructing various aspects of the cub. "Perfection may be elusive, but witnessing all these imperfections come together and meld into a flawless project is the most gratifying aspect for me. The build was riddled with challenges, such as fitting wide tires and rims into the stock frame. We conducted mock-ups and fine-tuned the rim positioning to ensure the best fit. We also had to modify and extend the forks, cut the frame, and adjust the rake angle for a lower and extended stance. The trickiest part was fabricating and fitting the handlebar adaptor, as I was determined to preserve a leg shield.


Fortunately, we stumbled upon a donor bike from Cagayan de Oro that provided the missing engine. A hardtail cub is a rare sight, and just by looking at it, you can envision leisurely rides along coastal roads or on the beach. The bike exudes a laid-back aura that encourages you to forget about stress and yearn for a vacation, with the sea breeze on your face and the scent of pure relaxation. The first time I took it to Café Racer-Cebu, two foreign bikers couldn't resist approaching me to inquire about the bike. This bike has the power to spark conversations, helping you make new friends. Seeing strangers break into smiles and random people stopping to snap a 'selfie' when you park the bike fills me with joy and satisfaction," Ryan shared.


Ryan expressed his gratitude, saying, "I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to a few people. First and foremost, my wife for supporting me throughout this journey, and my son, who inspired me as I plan to gift him this bike for his 18th birthday, even though I have to wait 15 more years. Thanks to Garahe ni Moymoy for their excellent work and to all the vendors who supplied and guided me in selecting the right components.


I genuinely appreciate vendors who go the extra mile to explain compatibility with other motorcycle parts. Lastly, a big thank you to my family, my wife Sheryl, and my son Schemuel Ryaile. I am also grateful to InsideRACING Magazine for featuring my latest build project."

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