Smoked Garage's Custom Lotus C0-1 Inspired by a Kawasaki ER6N
Smoked Garage's Custom Lotus C0-1 Inspired by a Kawasaki ER6N
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When the excitement surrounding the Lotus C0-1 concept reached its zenith, it became the talk of the town. Motorcycle enthusiasts across various blogs and magazines were inundated with captivating renderings, leaving us all in awe and eager anticipation of when these remarkable Lotus motorcycles would hit the streets. Regrettably, as is often the case with concepts conceived by major manufacturers, we found ourselves in a seemingly endless wait as they meticulously scrutinized every detail before commencing official production.


Meanwhile, Smoked Garage, a Bali-based workshop, grew impatient and decided to take matters into their own hands. I had the privilege of being in Bali a few weeks ago to capture content for issue 7 of Tank Moto Magazine. During my visit, I joined Nicko Eigert from Smoked Garage on a rooftop adorned with half an airplane for a brief interview, a photoshoot, and even a jubilant burnout session!


The genesis of this project was a simple desire to embark on something distinctive. Smoked Garage had been crafting custom projects for a considerable time, and workshop owner Nicko was eager to challenge his team's skills and showcase their workshop's prowess. When the Lotus C0-1 concept emerged, he saw his opportunity, and thanks to the support of a member of the Australian Rugby League team, the Brisbane Broncos, he had the backing needed to bring the vision to life. After careful research into available modern bikes in the local market that would be suitable for the project, they acquired a Kawasaki ER6N. When the bike arrived at the workshop, the team convened to inspect it, and their collective reaction was an incredulous, "Where on earth do we begin?" They were now faced with the monumental task of transforming a production Kawasaki into a Lotus-inspired concept bike, all while meeting the expectations of an eager customer.


Once the initial head-scratching phase concluded, the bike was stripped down and secured on a jig to commence frame modifications. Rather than starting from scratch, the team built upon the existing frame, removing sections of the stock frame as they became obsolete. This approach allowed them to retain the stock engine position, maintain the basic geometry, and work with the existing engine mounts while continually testing each modification as the frame took shape.


With the frame work completed, they entrusted the shaping of the bodywork to a skilled local metalworker named Gus Wi. The five-piece aluminum body was meticulously hand-formed and affixed to the frame using flush-mounted screws, resulting in an aeronautical finish that perfectly complemented the bike's overall look. Each panel was painstakingly brushed in a single direction by hand before receiving pinstriping and a clear coat.

The majority of the Kawasaki's original wiring loom was retained, with a custom fuse box crafted for easy access beneath the seat. Custom-made LED lights were discreetly concealed within the front cowl and tail section. Inside the bodywork, a fully custom stainless exhaust system was integrated, featuring a belly-mounted muffler that gracefully exited through the bodywork just below the right footpeg. To ensure control over the raked front end, a steering damper was added, and remarkably, the bike is scheduled to be roadworthy and registered in Australia later this year.


In total, a dedicated team of seven individuals dedicated three months of twelve-hour workdays to complete this remarkable build. While Smoked Garage's version of the Lotus C0-1 may not be propelled by a 175bhp KTM RC8R v-twin engine, its 650cc ER6N inline-four engine generates a commendable 85bhp at 8500rpm. As we observed on that day, this power is more than sufficient to send the rear tire into a smoky frenzy, and truth be told, this bike is best appreciated at more leisurely speeds, allowing all to admire its craftsmanship.

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