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02 Dec
MSF ✔👌

MSF ✔👌

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  • Matt Surratt Dec 02 15:40 GTM
    Done that yesterday as well!!
    • Reaver Dec 02 23:37 GTM Replied to Matt Surratt
      Awesome! Congratulations to you. How would you have rated the experience?
      • Matt Surratt Dec 03 01:30 GTM Replied to Reaver
        I’ll give it a 10/10, I had fun and the instructor was cool as shit.
        • Reaver Dec 03 02:33 GTM Replied to Matt Surratt
          What school did you attend?
          Glad you didn't get any of the abrasive ones out there.
          From what I hear, most instructors are chill.
          • Matt Surratt Dec 03 05:02 GTM Replied to Reaver
            The one here in Ocala, Ride now motorsports.
  • Reaver Dec 03 15:04 GTM
    Sweet, if I come across anyone that lives closer to it looking for a good school. I know of one with a good review
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