About us
What is your goal?

Our mission is to create a platform that will expand the opportunities for all people inspired by motorcycle culture, thereby helping to improve the global motorcycle society and popularize it.

Who are you?

Moto Riders Universe is a free social platform focused on motorcycle topics. With our apps and website it’s much easier to keep up with the latest trends in the world of motorcycles!

How can I add a motorcycle to my profile?

You can read the manual how to add your bike to your profile in the “Content creation” section.

How can I find co-owners or other interesting motorcycles?

Using the filters in the "Motorcycles" section, you can easily find the motorcycle equipment you are interested in in various categories: manufacturer, model, class, country, state, city.

Users' motorcycles – what is it and why is it needed?

This section will help you learn more about users' motorcycles and find co-owners.

What does the circle with a number in the motorcycle profile mean?

The number that is shown next to the motorcycle photo indicates the number of posts on the motorcycle’s personal blog.

Yes, yes, you got me.... Your motorcycle is another member of the platform and you can read more about it in the "Garage" section.

How to add users to the blacklist?

In order to add a user to the blacklist, you need to do the following:

- Go to the profile you want to report.

- In the upper right corner of the profile photo, tap ⠇and select Block.

What is a blacklist and how does it work?

The blacklist is a list of those users who are forbidden to comment on your publications, reply to your comments and send you private messages.

Where can I find blocked contacts?

- In Bottom navigation select ☰

- Tap Profile Settings

- Select Blocked tab and you’ll find a list of blocked users.

Create content
Can I add a video?

In a post or in a motorcycle blog, you can add only a link to YouTube video. Using the "+" button in a publication, select "Video" and paste the link to the video in the window that appears. After publication, your video will be played in the application without switching to YouTube.

How can I create a moto blog?

To create a post in the motorcycle blog of your motorcycle, you can use the same pencil by selecting “Moto Blog”, or if you enter your motorcycle profile, click “+” in the motorcycle blog tab.

How can I create a post?

To create a publication in your profile, use the pencil in the bottom panel.

Note: you can put a photo between the text, thereby creating more interesting publications.

How can I delete my own post or motorcycle?

Find the post or motorcycle you want to delete.

Press ⠇next to it and select “delete”.

How to add a motorcycle?

To create a profile for your motorcycle, use the pencil in the bottom panel and select "Bike" from the list. After filling in the required information fields, your motorcycle will be added to your garage.

After adding a bike, you will have additional opportunities (read more about it in the “Garage” section).

Note: You can add both past and current motorcycles.

What is the difference between a moto blog and a regular profile post?

At first glance, it might seem that the difference is not great, but publishing in a motorcycle blog has significant advantages, since you create a consistent feed about your motorcycle’s activity, and you can choose categories for publications, which in turn makes it convenient to search for the same publications from others motorcyclists.
A larger number of publications allows you to get more subscribers to your motorcycle and significantly distinguishes it from other motorcycles.

What publications can get to the “Main” section?

The publications from the “Main” section are moderated, and not every post can be published, we give priority to original publications with interesting text or photos. A publication consisting of several words or only one photo can hardly get into this section.

The more users like your post, the higher the chance that it will be on the main page.

Who sees my posts?

Your publications are visible to your subscribers and other members who visited your page, as well as some of the selected publications can get into the feed in the “Main” section.

Why do I see 3 different feeds?

On the main page you see 3 feeds. The left-most feed is the feed of the motorcycles or people you are subscribed to, the middle feed is popular and interesting posts and the right feed is news.

How can I remove my motorcycle?

Open your motorcycle and click ⠇

Then select the “Delete” button from the drop-down list.

Remember! When you delete a motorcycle, you lose all motorcycle blogs, comments and subscribers who followed your motorcycle.

How many motorcycles can I add?

You can add an unlimited number of your own motorcycles, both past and current.

When adding a motorcycle, please follow the elementary rules described in the "Rules of Conduct" section that we made in order not to clutter up the "Bikes" section and not mislead other users.

How to edit motorcycle settings?

Just open your bike and click ⠇

Then select the “edit” button from the drop-down list.

What happens if I add a motorcycle to the garage?

If you add a motorcycle to the garage, you’ll create a motorcycle profile that contains its photos, can have subscribers and its own unique feed with certain categories, in which you can add the latest events from the life of your motorcycle.

You can read more about motorcycle blogs in the "Create content" section.

What is the“Garage” section and why is it needed?

Garage is a section in which you can demonstrate your motorcycle to other users and see their motorcycles.

Having your motorcycle in the garage gives you new possibilities in the app.

How can I get the app?

You can download Moto Riders Universe from the App Store or Google Play for free. All you need to do is set up an account using your email address or sign up with your Facebook account.

I forgot my password. What can I do?

If you need help to reset your password, we can help by sending you a NEW PASSWORD.

- Visit Forgot password

- Enter your email address.

- Select request a new password.

- Check out your mailbox.

- The password received in the letter is suitable for entering the profile, after which you can change it to a new password in the account settings.

If you set up your MRU account with your Facebook account and forgot the Facebook password, you will need to reset it through Facebook. Otherwise, the option “Continue with Facebook” should get you back automatically.

If you cannot use your Facebook because of blocking or you cannot restore it and you did not confirm your email on MRU after registering via Facebook, we cannot restore your account.

I still haven’t found an answer to my question.

Do not worry, we are always in touch. Contact us through the Contact form or via Facebook, Instagram or email motoridersuniverse@gmail.com

What can't I do on MRU?

In order to make this platform more interesting and friendly, we have developed some Rules of Conduct for the users.

If you have questions or notice violations, Contact us, we will not leave your appeal unattended.

What do I have to do to sign up?

To create a MRU account:

-Go to https://motoridersuniverse.com/auth?action=register or download our app

-Enter your email, create a password, and confirm the password.

-Click I accept Rules.

-Click  Register

-To finish creating your account, you need to confirm your email.

What is MRU all about?

We're glad you've asked, please check out our About section for more details about us.

Moto Blogs
Can I use moto blogs to find information?

Sure! Using the “Moto Blogs” filters, you can easily find the necessary information on brand, model, class or category of posts.

How to create a post in bike logs?

You can read all information about creating posts in the “Create content” section.

Moto blogs what does it mean?

After you added a motorcycle to your profile, you have the opportunity to create blogs about your motorcycle. This unique section will allow you to capture the progress of your motorcycle, according to categories.

How can I find my notifications?

All notifications about activity on the platform can be found in the bell located in Bottom navigation

How can I turn off notifications?

At the moment, the function is not available, but it will appear in the next update.

What notifications do I receive?

-Currently you are receiving notifications about




-Answers to comments

How can I add a bike to my Profile?

To add a motorcycle to your profile, use the pencil in the bottom panel.

You can read more about this function in the "Create content" section.

How can I delete my account?

Currently this option is under development. But if you still decide to delete your account, please Contacts us.

How can I find out about my followers and following?

To find out more about your followers and followings, go to your profile and click on the “Followers” or “Following” section. Keep in mind that the “Following” section consists of 2 sections, one is for people you follow. The other is for the motorbikes you follow and for users, whose motorcycle blogs you want to track.

How can I set up my profile?

To configure your profile, avatar, authorization and other information, use the “Profile Settings” tab in the general menu.

How can I report a comment?

To report a comment on your Page or another user’s profile:

- Tap on the comment.

- From the list of suggested actions, select Report.

- Specify the appropriate option that describes the violation of Community Standards. If you can’t find the appropriate option, tap Other.

- Provide additional information in the comment and tap Send.

How can I report a publication?

To report a publication, you need to do the following:

- Tap ⠇in the upper right corner of the publication.

- From the list of suggested actions, select Report.

- Specify the appropriate option that describes the violation of Community Standards. If you can’t find the appropriate option, tap Other.

- Provide additional information in the comment and tap Send.

How can I report a technical problem on Moto Riders Universe?

If you think you've found a technical problem on Moto Riders Universe, you can report it via the app.

To report something that doesn’t work:

- In Bottom navigation select ☰ .

- Tap ⓘ About.

- Tap Feedback, then follow the onscreen instructions.

Make sure you’ve mentioned as much details about the problem in your report as possible. Information like “what kind of phone or tablet you were using and what you were doing when the problem occurred” may help us solve the issue.

How can I report a user?

You need to do the following:

- Go to the profile you want to report.

- In the upper right corner of the profile photo, tap ⠇and select Report.

How much time does it take to examine a report?

Your report will be examined within 24 hours.

How can I find other riders in my area?

To search for local people,specify the necessary characteristics using filters. And click "Show Results" button.

What does the “Riders” section mean?

“Riders” is a section that helps you find new friends and like-minded people. Add to friends or subscribe to the people you are interested in. Riding together is much more fun.

What is the difference between add to friends and subscribe to?

Friends and subscribers are 2 different lists of people, we believe that friends are the people closest to you, while there may be thousands of subscribers and you may not know them personally. Therefore, try to create your list of friends so that the people you need are on this list.

Note: if a person is added to your friends’ list, but you are not following him, you won’t see his posts in your feed.

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