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  • The main condition
  • Registration
  • Publication of Materials
  • Adult Content
  • Add Motorcycle
  • About the Motorcycle
  • Bikes Logs
  • Blog
  • Photos
  • Comments for Motorcycle, Blogs, Bikes Logs
  • Inserting Videos into Blogs and Bikes Logs
  • Ban and Its Removal

Terms of Use

The main condition

You accept the obligation in good faith to use the functionality of the website and its annexes. Unscrupulous behavior is: any attempt to cheat the ranking; spam; undocumented use of technological resources and any other action that causes any type of damage to the service, its users, partners or advertisers.

The user account is seen in violation of the principle of fair use will be deleted without warning.



  • To register one person more than one account.
  • To enter a nickname with any kind of obscene sense.
  • To upload an avatar sexual subjects, obscene graffiti, photographs of others without their consent (except for fictional characters, movie stars and international celebrities), stylized interface elements.
  • To put on your avatar promotional information of any kind (addresses, phone numbers, e-mails or any other information).
  • Enter obscene or obviously inaccurate data in the fields "city", "name", "last name".
  • To use a "disposable" mailbox with services like mailforspam.com or 10minutemail.com.

Publication of Materials


  • Writes profanity in any form and in any language.
  • To use any kind of racist and/or nationalist derogatory terms
  • To publish calls to rate posts, subscribe, support in any kind of competitions or rankings.
  • Post entries that violate universal norms of morality and ethics
  • Repost text from other sites. If your entry is supposed to use information from an external source, the amount of copied text should not exceed half of the total amount of text, and to be accompanied by an active hyperlink to the source(s).
  • To publish advertising messages and announcements of any type within the appropriate section.
  • To discuss the work of the moderators or site administration. Site rules and moderation are not discussed.
  • Ask for money or organize collections of any material assets for any purpose. With the exception of actions initiated by or received permission from the Administration.
  • To place illustrations and photographs, reproduction of which is expressly prohibited by copyright holders or authors.
  • Publish something (text, photo, and video), inciting ethnic, gender or religious hatred
  • To post political content, provoking conflict discussion, inciting hatred, cultivating negative emotions.
  • Post adult content.
  • To cite personal correspondence (Messages MRU, e-mail, SMS, messengers) of the interlocutor without his explicit consent.
  • Publish any kind of "funny photo" "funny pictures" and other, downloaded from specialized sites, garbage dumps.
  • Publicities memes
  • Create a post that consists only of links (this applies to public communities), as well as post referral links or any similar (including the so-called "partnership").
  • Create the same type of record in more than one community.
  • Posts in the communities with reference to motorbike /blog/ ; advertising external sites and/or commercial activity - the account is deleted without warning.

Adult Content


  • Post photos, illustrations and videos erotic and especially of a pornographic nature. They are understood images of Nude and semi-Nude nature, whose aim is to attract the attention of the general public.The prohibition applies throughout the site

Add Motorcycle


  • To accommodate cars, jet skis, bicycle, toys and other not motorcycles. This is contrary to the concept of the site and not funny.
  • Add the motorcycle that you are only wanting; motorcycle dream; motorcycle of friends or neighbor-friend; rented or as a swing.
  • Write obscene or obviously inaccurate data in the description field motorcycle.
  • Write in the field "comment to motorcycle" obscene words in any language.

About the Motorcycle


  • o violate basic rules of publication.
  • To use someone else's text (or part of it) - someone else's opinion about this motorcycle description from the manufacturer's website, and so on.

Bikes Logs


  • Break the publication of materials(please, read them carefully to avoid misunderstandings in the future).
  • To publish anything that is not specific to your motorcycle. For records not related to your motorcycle, there is a personal blog.



  • To break the rules publication of materials(please, read them carefully to avoid misunderstandings in the future).



  • Upload any photos of other people — branded, from this site, from the Internet. Even if "my same".
  • Post photos of terrible quality, where nothing is clear, and a variety of drawings, illustrations, schematics, 3D models and other images that are not photos motorcycle.
  • Upload your edited photos, in which manipulation resulted in a distortion of the real motorcycle.
  • Use pictures only from the showroom or auction site of the dealer (even if this is your bike).
  • Load multiples of the same photos.
  • To post photos, advertising, offensive, or calling for any provocative actions on the website
  • Post the photo of the design elements and/or interface of this website and/or the operating system.

Comments for Motorcycle, Blogs, Bikes Logs


  • To write a terse, uninformative comments like "subscribe", "visit", "nice motorcycle ", "cool picture", "cool color" and similar comments
  • Add to comments pictures with lewd images of pornographic and erotic nature, inciting any kind of hatred or provoking squabble or conflict discussion.
  • Use any kind of profanity (no masking symbols, dots, or rearranged by the omission of letters and other tricks will not help)
  • To use any kind of racist and/or nationalist derogatory terms
  • To overuse CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Post comments off topic.
  • Discuss the actions of moderators and/or site administration.
  • Flood — to get the live stream of meaningless and/or pointless comments.

Inserting Videos into Blogs and Bikes Logs


  • Insert videos (including hyperlinks) that contain: profanity, naturalistic scenes of violence, scenes of humiliation of people, the adult content scenes with inciting religious or ethnic hatred, personal information of others without their confirmation
  • Post video advertising content except commercials world manufacturers.

Ban and Its Removal

Violation of any of the prohibitory clauses of the rules listed above can easily cause the blocking of the account. In the event that a violation occurs for the first time and is not very serious, the user may submit to the moderator a written petition using the form provided with the admission of guilt and a promise to continue to behave in the community with dignity.

The appeal moderator will definitely consider, but the lifting of the ban not guarantee. In the case of a positive decision, the account block will be removed within one working day. Negative — the ban will not be removed and any response or further explanation, the offender will not receive. The moderator does not enter into correspondence.

Deleted without warning and recovery capabilities: "Spammers", "Persistent foul-mouthed", "Clinical idiot’s"