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Stay home - washing the beast
  • complain
Today I started my ten things to do list with washing my side beast... more
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This is the continuation of my last post
  • complain
This is what I came up for turn signal mount. The picture with the tires was me trying to figure if I wanted white walls or not. Its oil markers that we use at my auto shop I work at. This is when I d... more
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1980 cx500
  • complain
I have been working on my bike over the past two winters and I was done until the stator went out against year so I redid it this winter . I did so much to this bike. It's not perfect and I'm not a pr... more
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Battery died
  • complain
Had a few hours in the garage, battery died trying to start bike. Not seen one of these type before; very light, do I need a special battery charger?... more
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⚡️ GSXR 1000 k7 brutal sound
  • complain
Brutal sound from a Gixxer 😁❗️Enjoy‼️... more
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⚡️ KAWASAKI ZX10R brutal sound
  • complain
Runs and wheelies with my zx10r‼️Enjoy❗️... more
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My Z 💚🖤
  • complain
Out and about January 👌💚🖤... more
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  • complain
So as many of the world is in lockdown due to this virus, I'm planning on getting some replacement parts for the bike, since I'm not riding as I don't want to take up NHS resources in the event of an... more
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Just got back on two wheels 3 weeks ago
  • complain
On my 2008 gsxr 600... more
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Back again
  • complain
There was once a song that began, 'back once again with the renegade master' well I'm not sure about renegade or master but I'm back. Realised while we are on lockdown and cleaning my hike that I have... more
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Pod filters done...
  • complain
Airbox was a pin in the arse to remove but once out it freed up a lot of space for my Denali Soundbomb, took her out for a quick black just to check everything was how it should be & I must say sh... more
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New to site
  • complain
New to the site, I ride Honda Fury, from west Tennessee, anyone from West Tennessee... more
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I got a new bike! :)
  • complain
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New to this
  • complain
Hi guys new to this app i wonder where this will end up 🤷‍♂️... more
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Motorcycle storage
  • complain
Need ideas for storing my CBR. Had it tip over during a thunder storm, I park it in one of my parking spaces. Use a heavy duty cover but that does very little in the way of high speed winds. Anyone h... more
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Day 55 - Mann River, New South Wales to Brisbane Queensland - 435km
  • complain
Last night in a whiskey fuelled decision I decided I was going to take home a large piece of Blue Gum wood to carve into something. In the daylight it was much bigger and heavier than I expected but I... more
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Let's Go!
  • complain
Please comment out for the best dress for my buddy!... more
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Tune up
  • complain
Looking for basic tune ups I should keep up with or potential upgrades... more
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Day 54 - Moree to Mann River - 359km
  • complain
We jumped back into the hot springs in the morning just to be safe and then rode east. The terrain started to change from desert to grassy meadows and eventually a rainforest by the end of the day.... more
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How to remove rust from gas tank
  • complain
Today I am going to show you how I took care of the rust that was inside the gas tanks on my new winter project. The bike was originally registered in Florida and I suspect it was either in a flood o... more
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My little Z
  • complain
New to Riding, I had a problem with my bike while riding it out on Monday morning, it made a loud popping noise and some smoke was coming from the front of the bike! Would this of been water splashin... more
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Need help..
  • complain
Trying to remove this caliper from the bracket, brake stay whatever.. Line is removed the 11mm bolt with grommet (pic 2) is fully backed out and the "pin" (pic 3) doesn't move!... more
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Nice day to ride
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