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FAIL BLOG: Paint job complete
  • complain
Well its definitely an improvement but up close one can see a pretty crappy paint job lol. won't stop me from enjoying rolling down the road on her though! Woooo!!... more
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FAIL BLOG: DIY Paint job
  • complain
Well here's my first ever attempt at painting a bike..... this should be interesting. This is why we call it the fail blog lol we learn by failing.... more
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FAIL BLOG: Time for a new look
  • complain
The rusted, faded paint job isn't quite the look I am going for so time to try slopp'n some paint on this bag-of-bolts of an excuse for a bike. After a failed attempt of mixing a laquer paint over ena... more
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FAIL BLOG: Stator fixed
  • complain
Fixed the wires coming out of stator and now have a functional charge system again. While in that side of the casing for the 3rd time in a week I decided to redo that gasket "properly" with... more
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FAILBLOG: No stator ouput!
  • complain
Battery is dead due to not being charged by stator. looks like I have a short on 2 of the 3 wires coming out of the stator. my DIY gasket job worked out except when I put it all back together it was d... more
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My fat old lady project.
  • complain
My Fat Old Lady... Suzuki Bandit 600cc 1998 project.... more
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Lockdown and rainbow
  • complain
DIY shed for my bike is almost done. :)... more
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Ah f**k
  • complain
So in my classy wisdom, I have snapped the head off the bleed nipple on the caliper at the front. Currently going to attempt to extract it. This may go horribly wrong, I'll be a bike mechanic learnin... more
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Could stare at my ride all day..🏍🏍🏍
  • complain
could you stare at yours all day??... more
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Quarantine got me like........
  • complain
How are you handling social distancing??... more
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Picked up the new bike today! Stay tuned 🤘... more
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The work progress !!
  • complain
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Preparing the R1 for the summer
  • complain
Quick refresh today!! new front and rear sprockets! new chain Q3+ x 2 new brakes new clutch and more! (yes i have a front stand lmao )... more
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Squeezey bum moment
  • complain
Hi all, Been using the bike all Week to get to work. Brakes seem fine now and no leaks or issues, however today I had my first, oh sh*T moment. Riding up a carriageway behind a slow bmw thought I'd o... more
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Wishing I could be out chasing sunsets rn....
  • complain
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Represa jurumirim cerqueira cesar
  • complain
29abr2020... more
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Built not bought
  • complain
Anything great is built and not bought and this bike is no exception. What’s makes it great is I know without a shadow of a doubt the torque on every bolt, it’s dialled in just for me. From aftermark... more
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Woohoo new pipe!
  • complain
Has anyone got any tips for the best product to clean up the water pipes on my R6! I’ve just fitted a nice shiny new set of headers and now these are bugging the life out me! I’ve got brand new silico... more
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  • complain
After a bit of remodeling, the mobile holder is finally in place.... more
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Brakes serviced and done.... I think
  • complain
So, in lockdown I decided I know, I'll sort and clean the brakes.. Little did I know that it would rake three blasts of a blow torch and plenty of man power to grt the bolts out, then behind the pisto... more
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пшпомомлмлмлм... more
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лаокшигпгагпопг... more
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Just checking if it still starts
  • complain
Haven’t ridden in a while, just starting things up to get the oil circulating.... more
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Ffffffttfffttttt... more
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123456780–... more
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