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My first Motovlog
Andrea Colato
Andrea Colato
12 Jun 2020

My first Motovlog

Hi Guys,
I'm Andre_cb_04 and I'm enthusiast about motorcycle.
4th months ago I bought my first motorcycle and I love her. She's Vittoria, my CB650R Neo sport Café.

This Motovlog is in Tuscany where I come from and is around Mugello Circuit.

Let me know if you like it!



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  • 82ndpara 12 Jun 2020
    I can will check the video but you can add a video from YouTube to the post and ppl can watch it here too, check it out when you create a post you click " + " and the video and paste the link into the form
    • Andrea Colato 12 Jun 2020 author
      82ndpara, thx a lot! First time on this app. appreciate your help
      • 82ndpara 12 Jun 2020
        Andrea Colato, I joined a few months ago, yesterday they updated app and added a lot of cool stuff, hope ppl will join and read my motoblog lol, check my bike too and you will see
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