05 Aug 2020

Quick ride

A quick ride up Mt Ainslie this arvo. Couldn’t see any snow in the Brindabellas (felt like there ought to have been some all the same!)

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  • Spike 06 Aug 2020
    Great pic mate
  • Great photo...Lovely spot there aye..I was up there from Melbourne on queens birthday weekend. I took 4 days and rode Melbourne to Wagga Wagga - Canberra - Woomargama - Melbourne.
    I hadn't been to Canberra for 47 yrs so really enjoyed being there. Lovely views from up there and also Red Hill the next morning.
    • colin_duckworth 11 Aug 2020 author
      Scoota Mike Kannegieter, We’re pretty blessed here, Scoota. There are great views from there, Red Hill, Arboretum. We have some spectacular scenery in the surrounds as well. Sounds like it was a great long weekend! Hope you’re hanging in OK down there.
      • colin_duckworth, Yes you are blessed indeed. I'm hoping to do some more exploring again soon. Wanna try and have a look thru the Brindabellas one day. Just gotta get the time is all..

        Yes hanging in is best we can. Wife still working part time with Aus Post.
        My job is gone at the moment. Hopefully if restrictions ease I can get back into it sometime in October.
        At almost 58 it seems right now that semi retirement has come early lol
        • colin_duckworth 11 Aug 2020 author
          Scoota Mike Kannegieter, I can relate, Mike. 58 here as well. Been working as a postie for the part 10 months after 15 (frustrating) years as a ‘policy wonk’ here. If I could retire...

          Done a lot of miles in the Brindies. All in the Jeep. lol. More than a few great rides around here. Hoping to get Big Bird or Bumblebee around the High Country when it’s warmer.
          • colin_duckworth, sounds like a great plan Colin...High Country during late spring thru summer is lovely indeed. plenty of good places to "hang your hat" and enjoy the surroundings...
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