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Getting out of CoVid
Robby Mac
Robby Mac
01 Sep 2020

Getting out of CoVid

After a few months of having to sit quietly at home and having winter with us any way I took the bike and missus out for the week end.
Kept it simple. Up the coast, north and use a common camp ground.
We avoided the highways and meandered through some lovely countryside on Friday reaching our destination mid afternoon. With tent in place we raise back to the last town and watched sunset from the deck of the local club with a snapper on the plate and a beer in hand.
Riding gets me there and gives me the thrill I long for after too much time at home. But walking in the bush away from the rest of the world is what restores my spirit. That was our Saturday. With the sound of the ocean and birds around us and clear skies above I was willing to deal with muppets again.
Sunday’s return trip was a joy, taking other roads and getting an unrestricted crack at the Booral range. Plenty of bikes on the road with temperatures around the 24 mark.
The final run into Sydney took me along Peats ridge to ‘the old road’ and after that a detour into bobbin head before resuming my docile existence in the big town.
Muppets = small minded, short sighted, shallow thinkers. Often found in cities driving cars.

Seven mile beach, Forster,NSW

Sunset at Forster, NSW

Cabbage palm forest

Simple camp

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