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Blog by Balint
Just a thought.
1w ago

Just a thought.

Religion aside, has anyone found peace or spiritual comfort while out riding? Does anyone feel closer to some sort of Higher Power or God when you are out riding?
And has anyone realized they rode more this year specifically than any other year?

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  • 596euktd8r 1w ago
    This has happened a few times. I’m not an adventure rider (yet..., I’m buying a GS-A, tho) so the picture doesn’t resonate with the particular emotion, but I have felt both very calm and at peace while riding, and also super exhilarated and VERY alive. It is transcendental, I will admit.
    I’m a devout Christian, and don’t equate riding with being inspired by God, or something to that effect, but the mere proximity to your own mortality and the way riding is so intertwined with the elements makes it a very thought provoking experience. I have certainly prayed a lot on a bike.
  • JJ Hale 1w ago
    I beleive, if you do anything that gives you: the sense of freedom and passion; healthy challenges both mentally and physically; the ability to connect yourself with others that feel the same way (the desire to ride) and leaving out judging anyone based on race, religion and politics, yet still connect with a group within a group that shares your same beliefs, is a taste of heaven or utopia. I've auto raced and absolutely enjoyed it. Riding a bike is different, as you truly become one with the machine and all the benefits that come from it.
  • Yammyrider07 1w ago
    Im not a spiritual or religious person by any means, but if there's any emotion or feeling I would describe when I ride out calmly and just enjoy the warmth and sun, it would be "at peace", thats a feeling I would only get when riding or looking at a remarkable view
  • Savage 1w ago
    Yes yes and yes!!
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