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1w ago


How the heck do I delete a bike out of my garage? Anyone? Also... my bike doesn’t have a name! Is this a thing? I feel so bad I’ve neglected her for so long! I usually just call her baby but now I feel like she deserves more...

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  • jtlott559 1w ago
    Go to your profile by clicking the tab on the far right then click on the bike itself. once you see the 3 vertical dots to the top right tap that then it had a delete option there. you can name your bike or not it's up to you, in personally gave mine a name within the 1st day I had her
  • LTwinJeff 1w ago
    I don’t know if naming a bike is a “thing”, but I name everything that has a motor! LOL!
  • Claudia 1w ago
    Hello, click 3 vertical dots and edit
  • Boobs 1w ago
    Baby IS a name.
  • Ali 1w ago
    Yup, naming would seem to be a thing now, met a bloke last week who’d called his Busa Paul, at first I thought he said Paula, fair enough but no gen up Paul....
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