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Riding jeans or Leathers?
Wanda Rise
Wanda Rise
10 Feb 2021

Riding jeans or Leathers?

Trying to decide on some riding pants and want to know the pro's and cons if any of either riding in "riding jeans" or leathers. Jeans are cheaper and would be easier to wear out when im just riding places and grab lunch or whatever. How do you guys manage riding around in full leather suits just around town? I like the look but is there a reason? Would I be fine just getting some Icon jean pants or is this decision mostly if I want a comfy pair of pants and no other difference besides price?
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  • 82ndpara 10 Feb 2021
    A proper leather pant is going to offer a bunch more protection than a textile pant, a ton more protection than reinforced riding jeans, and infinitely more protection than street clothes. There's no real way to qualify these levels tho, as every crash is different.
    • Wanda Rise 10 Feb 2021 author
      82ndpara, Well I just want to be comfortable while riding and feel confident that im not wearing jeans. So basically reinforced jeans are just a small step? Will it still protect me though?
      • Dawid 10 Feb 2021
        Wanda Rise, They offer some abrasion resistance, you need proper armored pants for a decent level of protection.

        You can get some armored overpants and have a pretty good level of protection, then take them off to look normal
        • 82ndpara 10 Feb 2021
          Dawid, like @Dawid says, consider getting some overpants.

          I use a pair of spidi textile pants. They look dope (italian design ay), comfortable, protective, and I can wear jeans under them and take the spidi's off if I please.

          I imagine that the jeans don't have padding for the knees and hips. . . you might regret that.

          I also recommend wearing legit moto boots that will stabilize your ankles and won't come apart in a crash.

          Get a tank bag so you can bring your normal shoes and whatnot with you.

          note: my spidi's are technically overapants but they work just fine. Overpants are just a size or two bigger than normal textile pants to better accommodate your jeans beneath.
  • Barry 10 Feb 2021
    wow.. Thats ?(]*^&
  • Danny 4D's 10 Feb 2021
    Jeans for the street
    leather for the track
  • AR Mohd Shahrizal 10 Feb 2021
    Maybe you can consider kevlar jeans?
  • Nelsom Paulino 10 Feb 2021
    Don't forget about textile overpants.

    Overpants will typically offer more protection than riding jeans (however less than leather) but with the added bonus of being easy to take off.

    Get to where you are going and add 30 seconds to the time you already spend taking off your jacket and helmet to go ahead and take your pants off too.
  • Joe Degiorgio 10 Feb 2021
    I use kevlar reinforced jeans which has a double layer of lining on the inside and allows for protective inserts at the knees and hips.
  • Victor Quierien 15 Feb 2021
    Dress for the slide and not for the ride
  • mark 13 Mar 2021
    until you come off you dont realise how much protection good gear gives you. getting hot and sweaty is part of it. dress to survive 😊
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