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Looking for feedback or interest in these custom Gremlin bells and concept, leave a comment peace.
29 Jun 2021

Looking for feedback or interest in these custom Gremlin bells and concept, leave a comment peace.

This bell is a friendly reminder that good things are possible and a gift for those we know have heart. May it bring a smile to your face every time it rings, peace.
The Pilot4peace logo is in honor of CPT. Lawrence, J who served as an A-10 pilot and later the community at large as a veteran. When I met him I had just got out of prison and off the VA dope. We shared common goals towards proactive and resilient community development for increasing environmental security and individual happiness. Then we formed a small group and organized with our community. 
 Things were going well and people came together to learn how to work together and then the man took his life...wtf, over? Today, our goal is to create a Living memorial that serves anyone in need. So, that we may turn our sacrifices into gain and achieve a world worth living in. To establish such a feat, we wish to build a community of veterans around a community owned Learning & Healing center to serve not only the needs of veterans, but of our nation by setting a higher standard. 
The devil represents the dark side in us all wanting to be free from hypocrisy, fear and suffering. Throughout history like many of us has been misunderstood and tossed aside or pitted against the unknowing. It is my humble opinion that until we learn to understand WTF is going on inside and around ourselves, this conflict will perpetually cause us all loss.
The large penis has served as a symbol of luck for various cultures and serves for good measure.. Now down to the large testes that hang low. Without balls (ovaries) a person may not achieve a life of value and to do good for one's self and others, requires a genuine set to go the distance. 
I hope you cherish this bell and know it is possible to learn, heal and grow together by preserving our shared values and creating that which will serve us well. Safe travels and happy hunting, peace.

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