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Some Places are Magical
Moto Zed
Moto Zed
1 month ago

Some Places are Magical

This once quiet and secret place has been developed into a cafe garden. I'm glad for the owner but on a selfish front, I will miss it. It was a secret lite hidden place for me, for many years. No matter!

These photos are from when I returned to Thailand after riding to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

This ride and info on this place are all on the blog section of my website: motogirlthailand.com

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  • Dennis S. 1 month ago
    Beautiful place!!! It seems like you have a lot of adventure touring experience. Of all the bikes you’ve ridden in the dirt (assume some of the more challenging terrain in the mix), what would be your ride of choice? I’ve been looking for an adventure bike, but either they seem too heavy for some of the more challenging stuff, or they seem too impotent to have fun on. I’d like your 2 cents (or 2 satang. LOL). Thanks.
    • Moto Zed 1 month ago author
      Dennis S., Hey Dennis. I'm not that strong on dirt actually. My preference is Supermoto. I'd love a DRZ400sm, but they are difficult to get here in Thailand and source parts for. The most common off-road bike here is the CRF250 and now the 300L is out too. I like my Kawasaki dtracker 250 (motard version of KLX), but I wish it had more grunt. Its kind of a "how long is a piece of string" thing. So many variables based on height, weight, what territory you will be riding in, etc. I don't haven't ridden many dirt bikes, so my advice would be lacking.
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