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Riding Mexico for 3 months update
06 Dec 2021

Riding Mexico for 3 months update

Before I started my ride from Mazatlán to Durango through the notorious Espinazo del Diablo 40 libre I was a little nervous to be honest with you all from listening to all the tragic stories about how dangerous it is, and on top of that riding solo. When I left Mazatlán in the morning it was very foggy that started dissipating as soon as the sun came out. To my surprise that road is one of the most enjoyable rides I’ve ever taken, I would love to do it again and recommend anyone to ride it, Sierra Madre occidental is amazing, the places I visited in between ( breakfast in Cópala Sin. Restaurant Alejandro who I met, stayed over in Mexiquillo, Ciudad Drgo. To explore the natural beauties, ran into a Italian traveler, Pablo on a VW combi , took a picture of an old abandoned Chevy truck ) and when I arrived in Durango city, a parade of the Virgen de Guadalupe celebration and dinner with Stephen Redak who knows the area and motorcycling in Mexico like only few others. It’s been a great ride called life in the past few days, stay safe fellas, enjoy.

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