2 months ago

K-9 Playtime

No picture for this one, but let me tell you about my neighbors' two dogs. If I drive past their house with a normal vehicle like my Jeep, they'll just ignore me. When I drive by in my Z28, they sometimes start running across the yard beside me. When I ride by on my motorcycle, they get excited and run with me every time.

I originally thought they were chasing my bike at first, but after doing this enough times I realized they were doing that thing dogs do when they want to play where they put their heads down and stretch their forepaws in front of them before jumping back up to start running. That and they never actually leave their yard or growl when I ride by. They just bark happily and start running until they reach the end of their property.

There might be an invisible fence controlling their movement too. Whatever it is that stops them, I don't think these dogs are hostile. I've been chased by enough dogs in the past to know the difference. It always puts a smile on my face to see their reaction to my bike.

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