Armon "Nuc-Kle" Brown
Armon "Nuc-Kle" Brown
1 month ago

Am I the only one

OK, a lot of countries & companies are lookin to hv robots do all the work. Wat is the game plan for the human race once robots or robotic equipment has been put in place. Wat is the human race suppose to do. How will we make money to survive or to do anything. HAS anyone else thought about this or am I the only one

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  • Tony 1 month ago
    The government wants peeps to trust and live off them. Im a truck driver I'm good for now cause there driverless trucks dont work that great. 😂
  • Firehawk 1 month ago
    Ever hear the song about the year 2525? That definitely comes to mind when this subject comes up. Then there are the "Terminator" and "Matrix" movies as well as others.
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