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Another Bike in the Fleet
2 months ago

Another Bike in the Fleet

Ever since I learned about the "Ton Up Boys" across the pond back in the '50s, I've been on a kick about wanting to build a café racer. Well it's not yet time for me to make that dream happen for myself, as I decided to prioritize making a different dream happen for someone else, but I did get this cool hot wheels café racer the other night.

As far as making a dream happen for someone else, I just bought my mom her first motorcycle. She's wanted one her whole life, and I had promised to teach her how to ride. Now I can deliver on my word. It's just a Honda Rebel 300. I have to ride a lot more aggressively to get anywhere with it, but it's light on its wheels and should be great to teach her to ride on.

I also got to get myself a new eggshell helmet today. I still prefer my full face helmet, but I think it's cool to experience the other styles too sometimes.

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