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Greece moto travel.
04 Feb 2018

Greece moto travel.

September 2016
Yamaha X-City 250
15 days
2370 km.
Europe will not surprise anyone. Just a little bit about Greece.
This ancient country attracted us for a long time. So finally we defined our budget, route, bought air tickets, booked the hotel and transport, and here we are.

Kalimera, Hellas!
The first acquaintance with Thessaloniki, industrial areas, abandoned buildings and not very good roads on the exit was not pleasant. For sure, the enduro was more suitable than a scooter, but the prices for Russian tourists are cosmic. We drove to the Olympus. Better than mountains can only be only mountains. Only 100 km and our doubts were gone. A cozy hotel in Litohoro and here we enjoy a wonderful serpentine, fresh air and beautiful views.

We did not plan climbing to the top, unfortunately. We left it for the next time. A short walk, late lunch and evening at the emerald sea.
There is a very comfortable daylight in Europe: the sunrise at 7 a.m. (instead of our 4-5 hours). After I woke up at 6 a.m. out of habit, I was pleasantly surprised to meet the very first rays of the sun.
Our goal for today is Athens.
The paid highway is boring and poor for gas stations, but in some places the views are spectacular.

Particularly I was pleased with the view of the Maliakos Kolpos bay. But the camera didn’t transmit our sensations at all.
A couple of stops closer to the mountains and we are already in the capital. There is still time to take a walk around the city. First of all we stopped at the highest hill (also here we met the sunrise next day) - to the church of Saint Isidore.

A great dinner in a fish restaurant Paki Meze and questions of working life have completely gone from the head. Adaptation was completed, the Greek "wave" was caught and we didn’t want to change anything.
The next day was completely devoted to the capital. We went around the center, the park, looked at the market ... Despite the dense population (combined with our love of privacy) and the turbulent 24/7 life the city is very positive and left a pleasant impression.

It should be noted that the Greeks in terms of motorcycle life reminded something of the Asians ... The traffic differs only by the presence of traffic lights.
A lot of vehicles, complete relaxation, no one strictly abides by the rules.
Morning. The expectation of new impressions... the road leads us to Delphi. Parnassus flashed away in the distance and again this thrilling feeling. Mountains are a disease and I do not want to be treated.
The road pleases us with serpentines and views, which are becoming more colorful with the approach of Delphi.

The very ancient center of the world, like many historical monuments, is most beautiful from the outside. Above the city there is a convenient slope, from which a beautiful view opens. And here wild almond grows!

It's hot outside and I want to cool off. A little more serpentine, olive groves and we are on the beach of Itea. A very nice quiet place. Perhaps I would consider buying a house here as an option for old age.
As time goes by, the hotel is booked in Gravia - a village in the mountains. We enjoy beautiful views and move to the place to stay.

The road is chic, like a house in this secluded place. Pleasant feelings and images begin to mix with expectations of even stronger ones. Tomorrow we are going to meet with Μετέωρα.

One of the most powerful places on the Earth. Despite the small height these bizarre rocks attract incredibly. Over the next one and a half days we traveled it wherever we found the trail, but all the time I wanted to find more angles. A lot of different emotions and exciting views.

The weather changed, it started to drizzle, we went to the north of Greece, to the central Macedonia, to the warm springs of Loutra Pozar. The time of relaxation…
There is own atmosphere here, which is particularly contrasted with the aridity of the south and the center of the country.
Many tourists who come here dive into the warm springs and for some reason do not go any further. In vain. Up the river there are a lot of incredibly beautiful and interesting things.

Having warmed the body and soul with a day in the warmth of local waters and people we moved to the next healing place. The next couple of days, not counting the road, we spent in the mud clinic Krinides in Kavala.
After all the previous impressions, the city looked quite ordinary, but there are also many interesting places.
We finished the relaxing part of the holiday in Halkidiki, staying in Elia on Sithonia.

It’s time for rest on the sea. What should we start with? Of course with riding!

Rode around the countryside and enjoy the sea sunset.
The next morning I hurried to meet the sunrise on the other side of the peninsula.
Breakfast at the hotel, the sea ... the whole day of the sea is too much, we drove to the old fire tower, located on the highest point of the peninsula. Serpentine from Neo-Marmaras to Parthenonas, 10 km of the dirt road and here we are enjoying the views. The weather spoils, but the sense of calm that this secluded place gives is stronger.
Descent, lunch, sea, sea, sleep, sea, road back to Thessaloniki. The holiday is coming to the end. We drove around the city, finding out where the most interesting places are. In the morning to the market for delicious souvenirs, they gave us the moped and we spent the rest of the day in a leisurely walk around the city.

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