G 650 X Country
BMW G 650 X Country

BMW G 650 X Country

Leo Vince exhaust muffler
Wilbers 642 shock to replace OEM shock
Sportech windshield
Fender support mod - fix for FARFS! ...or... (Floppy-Ass Rear Fender Syndrome)
Rear Auxiliary Brake LED light, and LED license plate bolts
Skid plate, engine guard, oil plug, case saver, fender extender, radiator crash bar, highway footpegs
Barkbusters handguards, gel grips, mirrors, paint tank panels black
Use KTM axle cap nuts, a common 27mm wrench size - also stainless wheel spacers
Modified kickstand and disabled side safety switch
Rekluse "auto" clutch
Bags! Tank, tail, saddle and number plate day bags
Install a bendy steel gear shift lever. Important!
ToolTube for fuel bottle
Front Forks mod
Hi-tech LiFePO4 battery mod
Aux LED Lights mod
Airbox improvements: Foam filter & prefilter; and cut corner off to allow for electrical cable clearance
LED headlight replacement
Waterproof coating the dashboard electronics
Custom toolbox and support for Mosko Moto Reckless 80 pannier bags
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