Harley-Davidson Shovelhead - The Liberty Edition

Harley-Davidson Shovelhead - The Liberty Edition

This was a 1976 FXE-1200 Liberty Edition, shown here with my blue shovelhead and my first ex-wife. The '76 had some miles on it when I got it, but was complete, well-maintained and strong. It even had the original Liberty Edition tank with the Peter Max stickers set aside in a box for safekeeping, and a set of five-gallon fat bobs to run. I rarely rode the '76 - I preferred my OG shovel - so I ended up selling the '76 FXE to a 'friend.' A huge mistake. First, the bozo smashed that original fuel tank (which was already a collector's item) in a fit of rage; flattened it with a hammer! Then he painted over the original black metalflake fenders with a sloppy maroon and slapped a bunch of chrome doodads all over it. Finally, and the thing that really broke my heart: he went back to using drugs and traded that beautiful machine for dope. Still makes me sick to think about it.
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