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Travel to Iceland 2016. Part 1. The route
Hello. So, now I will tell you about the initial stage of preparation for the trip to Iceland on the motorcycle Honda CB400SS and, in fact, the prospective route through Iceland itself. And also about... more
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78 CB 750 Cafe Street Fighter (part 2)
I am using a 4 into 1 pipe I got with the bike. I think it's an old mac exhaust. Made an end cap work off a ATV and a piece of aluminum strap I had to finish it off. I made an inner baffle for it that... more
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78 CB 750 Cafe Street Fighter
Started this project a little while back so I will get you guys caught up on my build. Started with a 78 CB750K. Turning it into a café fighter with modern forks and a single shock. Here are a couple... more
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Honda CB750F RC Replica.
This project started with my stock Honda CB750F with CB1100RC bodywork and wheels added. The paint was silver, candy blue and candy red. I really wanted an RC but could not afford one so this was my f... more
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Street CB1000
What was done: — Remade the rear part of the subframe. — Homemade headlight housing (GRP). Optics from Land Cruiser 100 — New radiator, instead of the makeshift of "Zhiguli" of the stove.... more
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