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Project complete
My Ninja 1000. Added vinyl custom made by AMR Racing, wrapped the wheels with vinyl, added CustomTaylor33 high intensity reflective. Zombie Response Team theme... more
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Complete Rebuild
New wheel bearings front and rear $60 New steering stem bearings $45 Rebuilt front forks $50 New swing arm bearings and bushings $105 New brake rotors front and rear $300 Rebuilt front and r... more
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Gary Nixon Kawasaki H2 race bike replica 300 Ninja project.
Once the plan was hatched I started looking for a donor bike and found a 2014 300 Ninja with ABS in short order. The poor little bike had been badly crashed cosmetically with only 54 miles on it. Si... more
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Harbour ride
Just a quick ride before work... more
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"TIE Fighter Racebike/Trackbike Build Stage 1
"TIE Fighter" Racebike/Trackbike Build Stage 1 Performance: - Race pod filters - Re-jet and custom carburetor tuning - Manual cam-chain tensioner - Smog block off plates - Weight... more
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My bike is fun to ride and even funner to race. Who wants some action?... more
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