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What can the mototourist see in Saxony for 3-4 days?
Germany provides a lot of excellent quality of secondary roads (landstraße), passing through the most beautiful lands, and no one will remain indifferent. It is safe to ride even for novice motorcycli... more
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Dreams about an electric cycle while having the KTM
Someday, maybe next year, I'll definitely buy an electric motorcycle to replace the current Duke 390. Exclusively for commuting and small weekend riding. In this season, I was stopped only by two fac... more
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How I bought a motorcycle (KTM 390 Duke) in New Zealand
The purchase of this motorcycle was spontaneous. On a sunny winter day, July 23, I went to test the sub-KTM in the salon of the official dealer. It may seem strange, but the Austrians are quite popula... more
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