29 Oct 2017 Accidents
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Sometimes, while you’re out on the roadways, funky situations can & tend to unfold. This time, we catch a real head scratcher that has an & unlikely set of circumstances coming together in a very crash and burn & situation that has this motorcycle going for a wild ride. The whole & situation was captured on helmet camera as this rider was just putting & along, simply minding his business in traffic while he was riding behind & a police car. What happened next was something that he probably had not & expected in the slightest, really catching him out of left field and & sending him for a ride that he wouldn’t have even imagined to & be possible when he set out that morning.61276159f53624922cd.png

As the rider was moving along behind a police vehicle, & all of a sudden, it looks like the cop car went to make a left turn, & catching the rider off guard and putting a wrench in the gears as the & rider didn’t have enough time to react. It isn’t clear if it was more of & a sudden maneuver that caught the rider in a bad spot or if the & motorcycle wielding man wasn’t paying attention when the police car & began to turn, but in either situation, the scenario ended in the same & way as the motorcycle plowed its way into the back of the police & cruiser.

Of all vehicles to run into, whether it was your fault or not, I & would venture that clipping a cop car would be about the last thing that & you would want to smash into out there on the highway. Don’t get me & wrong, you want to avoid any accidents at all costs but getting tangled up in a situation like that just seems & like some drama that you don’t have to deal with. Follow along with the & video below to see how this one unfolded for yourself and tell us who & you think was in the wrong here with their maneuver out on the street.

Video credit: Bikes_Vs_Cops

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