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Moto Arte Design: 1948 Major 350

  • Dec 18 2017 14:56 PM GTM
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With the end of World War II, many factories were re-qualified from military to civilian needs. Numerous companies began to appear, offering everything that the changed "defense industry" could produce to those who survived vague time safely.7197865a37d70b1b096.jpg

Almost all the companies that we know about, are dated back to that time, but do you know how much of these companies has not survived so far? And there were some very interesting copies, like this 350-cc Major motorcycle, presented at MAD 2007 (Moto Arte Design), devoted to the post-war vintage motorcycle technology.

Like all other vehicles presented at the MAD exhibition, the Major 350, built in 1948, looks pretty fine. A long time ago this motorcycle was collected according to the drawings of the brilliant engineer Salvatore Majorca from Southern Italy. The goal of the project was simple - to create a vehicle that would be an example of superiority both stylistically and mechanically over all existing analogues.8112535a37d71557399.jpg

We can say that the motorcycle was 10 years ahead of its competitors. Also the motorcycle is a real breakthrough in terms of functionality. Its bodywork, which takes into account the surface of the rider’s body, allows achieving aerodynamic parameters unseen for those times, and the suspension itself does not exist - its role is played by elastic rims, through which the hub and rim of the wheel are fixed.9470345a37d71f9411b.jpg

Overall, the collection of Moto Arte Design turned out to be exciting, so it’s just the beginning….4957925a37d7278b0a5.jpg