Fight to save Davidson’s ancestral home
Fight to save Davidson’s ancestral home
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They may take our lives, but they never take our freedom … or the Davidson family cottages!”

It’s the cry of a group of Scottish fighters fighting to protect the cottages of Davidson’s ancestors of the iconic American motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson.


The Davidson Legacy Preservation Group Is a non-profit organization working to maintain, maintain and enhance the accessibility of Davidson Cottage in Netherton, Angus, Scotland, UK.

Group chair Nyree Aitken says he wants to promote the family home and its historical importance to the biker community.


“The cottage was put up for sale because the current owner wants to retire, but the only offer they had was from a developer to knock it down and build a new home. It was, “says Nyree.

“As a biker community, we don’t want to lose this important part of history.”

The group will secure charity status before launching a crowdfunding campaign, buy Davidson cottages, hire project workers, and spend £ 500,000 to run and maintain Davidson Legacy for future generations. I want to procure.

Harley-Davidson executives Bill Davidson and boss Jochenzeitz visited the cottage last summer when they shot a promotional video for Sporter S.

Bill commented on the “awe-inspiring, emotional experience” of visiting his ancestral home in the video below.

“The fact that they are saving it for riders around the world to come here and have fun and spend time is pretty cool,” says everything.

“The heritage is very powerful and is unique to us, which I am very proud of.”

Bill’s comments help keep them motivated, and the campaign is “really worth it,” Nyree said.

In 2008, Harley-Davidson enthusiasts Mike Sinclair, Maggie Sherit, and Keith McIntosh found the cottage by the time of its collapsing ruins.

The property was scheduled to be demolished to give way to new housing development. Fortunately, these three decided not to let it happen.

They bought the cottage and founded Davidson Legacy to save the site as a homage to the pioneering Davidson.

The Davidson Legacy team has been working tirelessly for four years to restore the small home to what it was like when Sandy and Margaret left behind a harsh journey to the United States in 1858.


“Repairing Davidson Cottage was a big and painstaking task with the help of a local biker, but in the end it was worth it,” says Nylie.

“Perhaps it reflects the long and difficult journey Sandy and Margaret took with their children, including the little William C, who became the father of the founder of the world’s most famous motorcycle. increase.”

Sandy and Margaret Davidson settled in Milwaukee, where Sandy found a carpenter job at a local railroad company.

Their three surviving sons and two daughters also adapted well to their new life, each prospering in their own way.

His middle son, William C. Davidson (1846-1923), was born in Scotland and raised in Angus, but he became a man in the United States.

“He was extremely important to the Davidson Legacy story because he had the attributes of technical skill, analytical mind, and problem-solving aptitude,” says Nyree.

“These qualities are often regarded as Scottish, typically as a country of inventors and innovators.

“More importantly, they are the key to understanding the corporate spirit of America at the dawn of the 20th century.”

Scottish and naturalized American William C. Davidson set out to build the first Harley-Davidson workshop for his sons, now known simply as a hut.

“He didn’t know that at the time, but he laid the foundation for an iconic, internationally recognized, motorcycle engineering phenomenon,” says Nylie.

You can find out more on the Davidson Legacy website, including a video of “Our Story” that includes a visit by Jean Davidson.& click here..

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  • nyree.aitken 18 May
    Thank you for helping us raise awareness. Just like to say I'm a she , not a he lol. Been riding over 30 Years too. Thank you 😊 Nyree
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