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2w ago
Quebec on the horizon

Looks like my welfare fix is holding up so far. Here's a long view from the top of a hill showing Quebec hills in far background looking North from Ontario. Love the Canadian countryside.

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  • James May 18 22:39 GTM
    Buddy, did you build this bike yourself? I checked your garage, but there is no information about it, we could add it to your profile
    • Switchblade May 18 23:58 GTM Replied to James
      No I just stripped it down and modified the bars, seat, back fender, air intakes, added forward controls and rewired. lowered it slightly as well.
      • James May 19 00:31 GTM Replied to Switchblade
        It's nice to watch when people give a new life to a motorcycle! I subscribed to your bike and will follow your updates( you can post the build process in the Motoblog)
        • Switchblade May 19 00:35 GTM Replied to James
          thanks a lot brother, its been very rewarding and an amazing learning experience.
    • Switchblade May 19 00:00 GTM Replied to James
      bike added to profile. thanks James!
  • LaDark May 20 00:10 GTM
    I'm really not that far from you Ottawa is simply amazing! ..and yes i absolutely agree with you ..our canadian country side is absolutely beautiful!! even I'd say breath taking.. 🏍🏍🏍🍁🍁🍁
    • Switchblade May 20 00:23 GTM Replied to LaDark
      yeah man you are the easily the closest rider on this app it seems.
      • LaDark May 20 00:52 GTM Replied to Switchblade
        i know.. seems this place is like a deep underground app.. LOL
        as i said anytime let me know.. ill be riding tomorrow.. such a nice week this week..making he best of it!! 🏍🏍🏍😊
  • Switchblade May 20 02:07 GTM
    Lol I dig the underground vibe. I had no idea.
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