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RIP Joël Robert. Belgium lost a monument today 🏁💫
15 Jan 2021

RIP Joël Robert. Belgium lost a monument today 🏁💫

I have been following the health and well being of Motocross legend Joel Robert thru FB, I learned today he had passed away. Joel was the Godfather of Motocross who rode the early models of motorcycles with sheer strength and determination. He also had fun on and off the tracks. Joel was our ambassador of Motocross, spreading the sport across the world. One of the best for the sport of Motocross.
Here is my digital rendering honoring Joel Robert

Official info

Six times world champion Joel Robert is reported to be in a coma in hospital, fighting for his life.

On Monday he was released from hospital after treatment for COVID 19. On Wednesday he was rushed to hospital with a heart attack. Joel is diabetic and has had several strokes in recent years. Recently he has had heart and lung problems.

“It’s horrible to see the state in which a champion of his caliber finds himself today,” said his partner Josiane Marit to Le Soir newspaper. “He has lived at 100 miles an hour all his life now depends on a machine.”

The world of motocross has sent many messages of support via social media, including Harry and Stefan Everts who know him well. Our best wishes go to the 77 year old Belgian.

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