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New update for Android - Moto Riders Universe app
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Moto Riders Universe
13 Mar 2021

New update for Android - Moto Riders Universe app

Friends! we are happy to say you that we have updated the app for Android and now it is available in the Dark Mode, as well we made it easier to access your Events (check your profile). In the next couple of weeks, we will release the same update for iOS. Thank you for your activity, Have a nice day. We will continue to make it better ✌️

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  • Robert Tomphson 13 Mar 2021
    It's perfectly!!!
  • Matt Carroll 13 Mar 2021
    good work 👍
  • Lena 14 Mar 2021
    yay! ^__^ great work, thank you. I'm looking forward to the russification of the app to invite all my biker friends from Russia 😁
  • e_asphyx 15 Mar 2021
    Amazing update!
  • Alex Fabin 19 Jul
    Wow wow please add me Friends my profile Thank you 😉😉
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