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Can riding your motorbike damage your hearing?
29 Jul 2021

Can riding your motorbike damage your hearing?

My latest thing to explore has been the hearing loss in riders, as I know mine's been affected over the years. For years, I never gave this a thought as I would imagine many of us don’t, even though after long trips my hearing would ring or seem dull. This last year, however, I bought a new bike with a side firing exhaust and changed my helmet to a different brand. Both of those things resulted in me feeling deaf after every ride, so to solve the issue, I bought a set of earplugs.
This resolved the issue once I figured out how to fit them properly, but I have to say I still really didn’t have a clue about earplugs or the different types available, and there are several types.

Researching hearing loss for motorcyclists has been a real eye-opener for me, the stats are quite shocking, as you will discover. I didn’t cover earplugs with speakers or interconnectivity in this write-up, as those types are often illegal in various states and countries. (Best to check your local laws)

Anyway, comment what you think https://www.ozzymotorcyclefairings.com.au/hearing-loss/

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