Zach Morgan ADVmoto Training
Zach Morgan ADVmoto Training
20 Jan 2022


So a little update:
I'm not leaving this app/service. I'm not bitching and complaining. This is just communication to explain why you might not see any posts here from me for a while or ever.

I'm appreciative of the interactions l've had with the few people that I have. I'm doing this with a total of 3 motorcycle specific social media services. So it's not personal for the people here or the service by itself. I'm just not a good match for this type of specific type of media since I'm a fringe of a fringe so to speak.
I could possibly check things out here in the future and return to use it. That's exactly what I've already done before.
In the meantime I will be uninstalling the app and will not be around to see mentions or messages. I doubt that will even be a scenario that plays out. So if by chance you do have a reason to contact me please feel free to use the Telegram info below.

Telegram Profile and Broadcast Channel : MorganADVtraining

Be safe and have fun. I'll still be around. Just not here.

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