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I hope this is true.
Elvira Davidson
Elvira Davidson
30 Aug

I hope this is true.

I've had the worst 2 months. Lost job. Bike wreck. Car repo. Covid. Getting evicted.

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  • Firehawk 30 Aug
    Sometimes there is.
  • Ratchet 31 Aug
    Sounds like you're having a hell of rough time of it out there. Keep your head up and push through. I hope things turn around for you soon. Glad you're still here with us after laying you bike down, heal up, stay positive. I'm confident everything else will recover with you.
    • Elvira Davidson 31 Aug author
      Ratchet, Thanks. I'm out of quarantine tomorrow. Last neuro appointment tomorrow and picking up Elvira tomorrow too. Been too long since I've riden her.
  • Arffjos 31 Aug
    Hang in there Brother.
    There will be light.💡

    I have had, 1 year of hell too..
    Doctor’s could not figure out, what is wrong with me, lost 20kg in 2 weeks. Lost all my energy, and strenght.

    Long story short, blood desease, two spots in the lungs, dark liver. I do not even drink.

    But i am getting better, babysteps, positive thinking, training, eating healthy.

    Slow and steady bro….. 🙏🫡
    • Elvira Davidson 31 Aug author
      Arffjos, Thank you Brother. Words of solace definitely help. Hopefully picking up my therapist tonight.
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