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Group Riding Top tip - Staggered formation
Chang Jiang
Chang Jiang
16 Jul

Group Riding Top tip - Staggered formation

You’ve probably noticed how groups of riders space themselves out within their lane; we call this “staggered formation.” The purpose is pretty simple: it allows each rider a clear view ahead, along with space to the side for any quick or sudden maneuvering in the case of road hazards like potholes, rocks, critters, debris, etc.

The leader is typically in the right portion of the lane, rider No. 2 is in the left portion, rider No. 3 in the right and so on. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends spacing yourself so that there is a two-second gap between you and the rider directly in front of you (see graphic). As speeds increase, that means a longer distance, and at slow speeds (especially in heavy traffic areas) that means closing ranks and tightening up the formation.

Please note, this is simply a guideline for safer group riding and this example is for slow speed or straight roads. We would never ask any rider to sacrifice their safety for positioning…..

Hope this helps….?

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