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Dust seals cracked would acf have helped cause it?
Jose Leonardo
Jose Leonardo
3w ago

Dust seals cracked would acf have helped cause it?

I sprayed/wiped acf on my forks and rode through winter twice a week. Bike left outside whilst was at work, otherwise garaged. Both dust seals have hairline cracks in them, same size and amount. I'm wondering if the acf caused them to perish or it's just an age thing? The other thing sprayed on after every ride was bilt hamber atom mac.
cleaned the forks off and pumped the brakes 10-15 times and that's the haze that was left on them. Nothing has ran onto the lowers or on the garage floor. At first thought it was just the acf that l'd put on. The residue is clean. Time to replace the dust seals and the fork seals too?

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  • ACF is designed for shocks, it is totally safe with rubber. Just to clarify it was designed for plane hydraulic cylinders but shocks are very similar.
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