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How to keep my keys in the ignition.
Adrian Silverio
Adrian Silverio
6w ago

How to keep my keys in the ignition.

Although haven't had someone do this maliciously (yet) but find it pretty annoying that someone can just pull your keys out of the ignition willy nlly and kill my bike while I'm riding. know a couple guys who've had their keys snatched leaving them stranded and others who get pulled over and cops immediately pull them out. Not a fan of either of these scenarios. Does anyone know any tricks or mods that will keep my keys in the ignition unless I want them out myself?

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  • John Smith 6w ago
    Make it a dummy key. Buy another ignition off eBay and rewire ignition switch to another location. You just need to either make an extension harness or solder on longer wires to new location. You can likely make a template for the new bracket and have a company mail it to you. If you have a cheap 3d printer you can mock one up and sent the final 3d model to either a company that 3d prints alloys or a local cinc machine shop. Either can become costly.
  • Firehawk 4w ago
    I didn't know this was a thing. Now I'm gonna try it on my bike.
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