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Jean Claude
Australia, State of Queensland
Rides on: KTM - 990
Gear for traveling.
Promised that I would follow that up with my load out of gear for traveling. This setup is the result of many trips including camping, car camping and of course traveling on a motorcycle. It’s a fa... more
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4,000 km trip
Just purchased my tickets for the next leg of my journey! I'll be weaving my way from Perth to Darwin over the Easter Holidays. Its a 4,000 km trip but I plan to make it there in about 6,000 with my f... more
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Watch out for camels, kangaroos and wombats!
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Motorcycle Adventure Around Australia
I finally got this page set up. Hopefully the post will be entertaining and not get too weird. View of Spencer Gulf from Hummock Hill in Wyalla. It's a windy ride today!... more
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