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Honda VFR400R 1995 → V4 Restoration Project "Pocket Rocket" Part 4
Eugene Koshelenko
Eugene Koshelenko
6d ago

Honda VFR400R 1995 → V4 Restoration Project "Pocket Rocket" Part 4

Part 4 of my attempts to revive the Honda

Continuing with the exhaust canister hassle

I made the canister body out of 0.7 mm thick steel.

I bent the previously drilled plate as planned, then machined a flange to attach the canister to the exhaust system, painted it, and welded it. I decided to connect the canister body with rivets; a folded seam lock is too tedious to make, and welding thin metal requires experience and good welding equipment, of which I have neither.

I sent the front disc for welding; a small crack was found, as well as a bracket for the right footrest. Everything was welded properly.

I sanded the disc, put on the tire, painted it, and the result:

The next step was the engine:

I completely disassembled it, just as the Plastigauge arrived.

To be continued...

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