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V Star 650
Yamaha V Star 650 - Letgo App Special

Yamaha V Star 650 - Letgo App Special

I found this bike on the Letgo app and it started off good...

This guy traded his 1990’s Harley for this bike as it was newer and looked better. I believed him, it’s not like he needed my money, he had a brand new Corvette. After a quick ride, I was in love. It’s one of the last years Yamaha made carburetors for their engines and with it being a 650, it’s a perfect learners bike in both riding and mechanics. I replaced just about everything on that bike but it wasn’t until I was replacing the clutch, I thought I should do a VIN check online... The odometer was rolled back, smh. With all of the issues sorted out (all work done by me), I sold the bike and to this day, albeit another color, he’s still riding around!
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