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Masala Trip. Motorcycle tours in India and Nepal. Where and how to buy motorcycles in Delhi?
In Delhi there is a big motorcycle market, which is located in the Karol Bagh district. Here we went in search of the Enfields for the journey. There are dozens of moto shops, in which hundreds of u... more
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Annual Motofestival in Thailand. "Burapa bike week 2015"
In 2015 In Pattaya there was another grandiose moto rally.... more
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Masala Trip.Traveling on motorcycles in India and Nepal. Royal Enfield - the best motorcycle for traveling in India
The main goal of our coming to India was a motor-travel. But what motor-travel without motorcycles? Our choice, like last time, fell on Royal Enfield, model Bullet 350ss. This is the best choice for... more
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