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2002 SV650 build -patr 4
Suzuki SV 650
Suzuki SV 650
11 Dec 2020

2002 SV650 build -patr 4

So, all in all things are working out well. I'll work on my bearing and rear shock issues next. For now here is how she's looking.

According to the rear valve stem I'm very nearly on my center too!

Chain run may be and issue. We'll see on that...

Ok, dug around the basement parts horde and pulled out the 99-02 R6 rear shock I had from that build.

R6, with compression and rebound adjustment on the left. Sv stocker with none of the above on the right. This should be a better situation.

Got my wheel up to stock ride height for the SV.

As more luck would have it my top mount is identical between the two! Fits perfectly.

Now my shock clears the inside of the arm. SV's didn't want to work because of how far back the lower mount was. It wouldn't even bolt up.

Fits good with pipe too.

Lower linkage and mount clearly not going to work.

Take it out and offer up the Aprilia linkage.

I'll need some spacers and the right bolt for the lower shock mount, but not too far off.

So here is what I'm thinking on the dog bone. And feel free to let me know what you think in the party and bullshit thread.

Use this lower mount thingy. (no idea what it had on it originally) It's 1/4" thick x about 1-1.5" in size. Pretty sturdy it seems.

If I clearance out the back side as seen by the marker markings, I can get my dog bone up and level.

Then I was thinking making a plate setup to tie it all together with the mount hole above it and then the silver hole I'll bolt the dog bone into place. Crude but general idea ms-paint job.

That all puts the shock nearly straight up and down. Nothing seems to be at a crazy angle.

So any ways, let me know if you think my shock setup seem dangerous in the party and bullshit chat stew thread.

I have a feeling it will work out well though.

Thanks for all the high fives too y'all I appreciate it!

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